Sunday, May 31, 2020

Day 80

We were in two groups today. Matt, Jamie, Matteo and AJ met up with Sam, Fina, and Hailey in Manhattan, Kansas. We were picking up Fina, bringing stuff to Sam and wishing him well on deployment, and bringing Fina back from her few days with the Jacobsons and visiting K-State University. Everyone else was back home. The K-State tour photos are here. Hailey gave us quite a tour, including Aggieville. Lynn graduated from K-State (a few years ago). She attended 7 schools to get her degree - that's perseverance! This is Fina's current choice of schools (could change tomorrow...). The travelers got home about 7:30pm. The adults listened to about 15 hours of a book about the Medicis while in the car, and we still have 4 hours to go.

K-State University. Beautiful blend of old and new.
All with local Flint Hills rock.

AJ found a friend, of course.

Lynn said it was a three dog night.

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