Sunday, May 3, 2020

Day 52

Another kinda meandering day. Lots of watering (after we determined there was a sprinkler system leak). The boys got their COVID Cuts today. Some church activities (from home, of course), including Communion this morning. The remaining tomato plants went to a friend's house for final planting. We finally figured out how to watch the evening news - every time someone says "China" you have to sip your drink. Dinner was popcorn after our big Vaqueros take-out lunch. Tonight's movie: Unstoppable. Great train movie, don't sweat the details, enjoy the story and filming.

Simba and Nala (not sure which is which).

Wow, the highlights are strong in this one.

Matt threatened to leave it this way, but it did get finished.

Some more online gaming with California friends.

Prepping for the church high school Zoom get together.

COVID Cuts 2020

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