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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trippin' the Light Fantastic

Every once in a while, Robob will get a hankering to take the kids to Madonna Inn. There's probably no pinker, fancier eatin' joint in these here parts, but that's not the point. It's the dancing. Robob loves to see the kids enjoying the live "big band" music and ballroom dancing.

All the photos:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - New Year's Resolutions (revised by Nana)

Tracy's - get prego  Keep Lynn from getting a dog.

Lynn's - keep Tracy from getting prego  Get a dog.

Matt - keep Lynn and Tracy separated.

Jamie - stay out of it. 

Robob - it's 2000 and what?

And this THIS is life at the compound.


Thursday, December 29, 2011


Where has time gone and where has gone?!? 

For six months you have mourned my loss.

Then you got my Christmas card and it had this weird new web address on it, when you came and visited there was no Christmas letter, you were really confused.

Sorry I was lame.

It has been been a crazy six-months.  Bad excuse but it is my excuse please forgive me.

But now you can all rejoice because I am back.  I AM BACK...

...and I am better then ever.  Scouts Honor

Because I am not an I. As you can see this blog is a we blog with not just me but the whole family.  Which means when I go on a bloggie break hopefully one of my other crazy compound dwellers here will fill the void with their crazy stories of living with me. Don't you think it will be great to start getting their perspective on what goes on in this crazy house of ours.  You have my perspective on life, that I am pretty chill, I let things roll of my back, I am awesome, I rock, I am pretty much the bomb, now you will get everyone ideas (don't be surprise if they are more uptight, I am just saying).   Really how many times do you want to hear me rattle on and on about how laundry needs to be done on Monday and that Tuesday is Coscto day, Wednesday we go swimming... when I think about it I am amazed my other blog had 8 followers.  I love all 8 of you.  You rock, I am sending you Starbucks cards for reading about my dull life.  (well as soon as I discover your addresses). 

Anyways lets get back on track here. 

Get ready for a very exciting New Year. Sit back hold on tight, follow us, become a member, tweet us, google+ us, face book us, I don't know do what ever it is so you do so you don't miss a post because we will be entertaining and you will learn about life and how to get along with family friends and everyone in between!!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

They think we're just fishin'...

Catching fish has very little to do with fishing. Oh, for sure, there is considerable chatter about what to do when the whale is reeled in. But, for the most part, it's all about exploring, chatting about a million other things, all very important, and when is snack time.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Snail Mail – Words You Can Carry Around

We had a Hallmark moment last night as Tracy read a birthday card to Matteo from his Greatgrandpa – Papa Bill. While she was reading, Matteo kept saying “Papa Bill!” and looking behind Tracy as if he was really there and we were hiding him. Matteo couldn’t believe he was hearing words from him without seeing him. Reading Papa’s words was just as magical as hearing them on the telephone and now he has them to carry around with him!

(Copy of a Facebook post by Nana.)

Meteors and Child Chatter

Last night and early this morning was the peak of the Leonid Meteor Shower this year. Turned out to be mostly a bust from our point of view, except for the child chatter Matt and I were privy to as we sat on the deck looking up at the night sky with great anticipation. We had Sam and Serafina out with us, and neither was interested in the quiet, almost reverent attitude some of us adults like to assume while stargazing. They chatted up a storm. And it was all (well, mostly all) related to the event. How big stars are. How hot they are. What planet is that? Mars is closer, you know. Are there more than 35 stars? More then 100? More than a thousand?!?!?! That’s just another plane; I wonder where it’s going. Mrs. Anderson said… No I’m not cold, not as cold as the moon. Is the lit side warmer?

The evening was pretty cool (in more ways than one). And, as is often the case, the best and most memorable parts were but tangentially related to the main event.