Saturday, March 27, 2021

Day 380

Nice, gentle start to the day. Then things started to happen. Prep began for a Passover Seder. Yes, the Seder celebration and remembrance of the Exodus is a uniquely Jewish activity (for about 2,000 years now), but the story of the Exodus (older than that!) is certainly part of the Christian faith as well. And since Jamie's so immersed in the Torah these days (which includes Exodus), why not! We did a very abbreviated, kid-focused Seder. We watched two short videos (What's the Passover/Seder? and an animated Exodus story). Then we dove into the Seder foods ("bitter herbs") and closed with a hunt for the afikomen (pieces of matzah for dessert). Matzah does eat a bit like cardboard, but it's fabulous with butter. Not sure if that's kosher but quite sure it's really good; AJ-approved, too. Check out the lego version of the "Parting of the Red Sea" at the bottom. We actually didn't get to this activity, but Jamie had to try it later. Actually, this was Jamie's second Seder experience. The first was in college when invited by a Jewish freshmen friend to attend a campus Seder. He'll never forget it, made quite an impact. When we were all done, AJ bursts out with "Best Seder ever!" His only Seder, of course, but we love his enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Tracy, Fina, and some friends with their Moms went shopping for Fina's prom dress. You'll recall she's throwing a Prom here at the house for her cohorts later in April. And Fina found her dress!

Graupel (also called soft hail or snow pellets)

The kids shoveled the "grass" in the courtyard.
There's been snow in there for months.

Chef Jamie (spaghetti tonight)

Grating horseradish, one of the bitter herbs
for the Seder. Nana made the Seder charoset, too.

Passover Seder

(grape juice)
"Next Year in Jerusalem!" (actually this Fall for Nana/Papa!)

Parting of the Red Sea? Led by Trooper Moses?

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