Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our School - It's the little things

I love our school.

Coastal Christian School

My kids love their school.  They talk about their teachers and class mates and how they look forward to staying there through high school.

It's little things.

Like the fact I don't have to get out of the car when picking up the big kids.  You just pull up to the cross walk and the teachers send out your kids.  It's amazing.  Sleeping babies love it.

That each teacher knows each student, not just the ones in their class.

They go on lots of field trips.  They get out of the classroom.

They take the extra time to help my child who needs a little extra patients, a little extra teaching, and a little extra time.

The fact that after the recent shooting our kindergarten teacher sent home a note telling us parents how much she cares and loves for each of our children and would protect them like her own.  How she took the whole class into the bathroom to make sure they would all fit.  When they did she called one of the dads whom is a contractor and the next day had him install inside locks up high on both the door to the class and the bathroom.

I love our school.

It's the big things too.

They hold high academic standards

God is present in all they do.

They bow their heads before school, during school and at the end of the day.

They celebrate our saviors birth.

I love our school

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