Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Confessions from Sick Bay

We are now 7 days into the invasion of the flu/influenza/really bad cold/RSV.

The only unaffected by this rampage of sickness is..


Which means I have been playing care take to:

1 semi-sick great-grandpa
1 sick husband
2 sick grandparents
3 sick kids

(so I guess in truth the 3 older kids haven't been infected)

Oh and on little to no sleep.

At this point I am hoping to go down with the flu just so I have a reason to take a nap and get a full night sleep.

Although I know if I do come down with the flu I really wont get to take a nap or get a full night sleep, I will just continue to have to care for children while being sick...so I really hope I don't go down.

Yesterday I thought the babies were on the mend but then Jonathan spike a fever mid-afternoon.
David decided to spike a 102 fever in the middle of the night and was hacking up a lung.  

So off to doc this morning for the second time in 5 days. Yes, yes they do have RSV.  

The good news they are handling it well...if you mean well as in up all night crying and wanting to be held all day.

In the grand scheme of things that is well.  

Oh but this mama is tired and she had lots of fun play dates she wanted to attend.  Boo.

Jonathan cuddling up with his fever and mommy.

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