TV Commercial (2013)

TV Commercial

For Coast Hills Federal Credit Union
Filming: April 17-18, 2013
Role: Daughter

Serafina is the older sister to a brother who are both on their way with their mother to meet up with surfer Dad and the grandparents at the beach...

Day one filming.
Day two filming.

5/17/13 update. The TV commercial is running! We've seen it on KSBY. Due to a plethora of logistics issues with getting the third day of filming done (weather, the little boy breaking his leg, Serafina's Sound of Music schedule, etc.), the story line was changed considerably and much of the filming with Serafina was sent to the cutting room floor. The usable footage from just two days of filming was re-worked into a 30-second commercial; and, there is a moment with Serafina in the van...

The TV commercial is here (YouTube). Near the end, watch for a shot looking into the blue van...

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