Sunday, December 22, 2013

Teddy Bears are Special

No one likes Teddy Bears more in this family than Papa. Well, there are some close runner-ups, but generally that's true. One of the runner-ups is Matteo, who said a Teddy Bear was something he'd like for Christmas. Well... As soon as Papa got wind of that, it was stuffed animal shopping time. Complete with Elf, Serafina. Get a load of the one they picked out...

A Nativity Appears

There's a Christmas tree in Nana and Papa's room. The area on the floor beneath and the first foot or two of ornaments are for kid play. You know, paper and crayons for coloring (AJ's fave), Cars cars to zoom around (Mater is the best!), wooden trains, some relatively indestructible airplane ornaments, etc. The other night a creche scene appeared. All set up. Turns out Matteo made it at school and had now found a proper place to set it up at home. Works for us!

And from the kitchen counter:

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Vacation Really Begins When...

...the kids' school/church Christmas programs are all done. And we had the last one last night for the older kids at Coastal Christian School. An investigative reporter, Blond - Jane Blond (yea, we get it!), digs deep enough to find out that Christmas is for real. It was cute, of course, 'cause the kids were so... kids. And God bless Leonard Lutz, the school's music guy.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Talk about a Music Sunday

It was a very big music day for the Regusci kids! They sang both services at church, then a sing-a-long piano recital at our house including some of their teacher's other students, and then back to church for an evening concert. Oh, and in between was a Pinocchio rehearsal. A very big day.

All the photos:

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sometimes it Rains in California

When it rains in California, the kids are a bit perplexed (followed soon by the hysterical joy of puddles) and everyone is wondering where all the umbrellas went.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Bo Peep's Sheep (CDMA's "Babes in Toyland")

I was warned back stage at last night's dress rehearsal at the Clark Center... "The sheep will be coming through here in just a minute - could be your only photo opp." What? I'm not ready; all I have is my ancient cell phone! My problems were not important. You gotta grabs 'em as ya can, so I did. And here they came. It was a woosh-by on their way to the dressing room; the sheep were done for the night.

Coastal Dance and Music Academy | Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet

And then after their preview show Friday night:

And from the closing show 12/8/13:

All the pics from 12/8/13:

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Coastal Christian School's Christmas Parade Float

Many were moved to tears. It was the perfect feel for the season. A simple manger scene with a choir of little angels singing "Away in a Manger." All the photos: This was also the inaugural run for the portable sound system Tracy got for just such occasions; it worked perfectly.