Friday, March 23, 2018

Horseshoe Donuts

Turns out Monument, CO has a donut store, Horseshoe Donuts. So we gave it a go! They actually have horseshoe-shaped donuts, but they got eaten before I could get a picture. You can see them on their website.

Nurse Tracy dispensing drugs while rockin' out to
a rousing chorus of "It's Friday!"

Nana and Papa spent yesterday evening checking out Biaggi's Italian Restaurant at Briargate (very good, by the way). We then picked up a weird combination of beauty supplies, Easter stuff, and a tea kettle after dinner.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hover Kart, etc.

This Hover Kart was a hit. A kit that turns a hover board into a Go Kart. Craig came to visit this weekend, too, so a lot of puzzling got worked. AJ and the twins went to a birthday party at a trampoline gym - had a blast.

Despite the look on Fina's face, she loved this thing, as did Matteo and AJ.

Sunday night after a day at the airport. Matt made a mad dash
(18-hour round trip today) to El Paso to help with a
stolen passport situation. He was greeted with a snow
storm coming home.

Echo of Love

Fina and DCC-friend Jonas were asked by their theatre department if they would participate in a production at Pine Creek High School called Echo of Love. Their role was to be a slam poem (which many of us had never heard of before). They joined the cast and ended up having a great time and meeting a few new friends from another school. The title of their piece was "Blink." It was a great show - Pine Creek has some fantastic singers and dancers. More photos are here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Avila Beach

Jamie and Lynn enjoyed nearly a week in Avila Beach, CA. Love staying at Avila Lighthouse Suites. Here are a couple random photos. Jamie was in town training up his replacement at ESAero. And Lynn got to spend time with the California grandkids and family. Last Sunday night we saw The Producers at SLOREP. Such a great show, and even more fun to say Hi to a lot of theatre friends!

Blue Moon Over Avila, new French Bistro

In the pool with grandkids at Avila Lighthouse Suites

Amos and Lynn

Our balcony in Avila Beach.

Custom House

We met up with Jon at Lure Fish House in Santa
Barbara (on the way back o LAX).

Friday, March 9, 2018

St. Baldrick's and Miscellany

Check this out! AJ and Matteo shaved their heads to raise money for the St. Baldrick's (get it?) Foundation fighting childhood cancer. Everyone got a kick out of it and they raised a few bucks, too! There are a few miscellaneous pics below as well.

"It's Friday, it's Friday!"
Look who got her braces.

Chocolate tulips! Now there's a bouquet of flowers
for Jamie. His show, One Wife Too Many, closes
this weekend. Thank you, Jessie!

Lexi's ready for A Christmas Story.

Manitou Springs Tour

The Wandering Monkeys set out on a 2-hour tour of the historic parts of Manitou Springs. Click here for a good start on info. Other than the very odd things you stumble upon amongst the Manitoids (it really is a bit quirky there), it was mostly an architectural tour with a nice peppering of stories thrown in. And they've got a wide span of eras and styles to choose from. All the photos are here.

Lunched at the Stagecoach Inn. Jamie's fish and chips was great. Lynn's
burger would have been good, too, had they kept the grilled onions and
held the cheese as ordered rather than the other way around.

Gotta try the mineral waters.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Big Weekend

Jamie's show, One Wife Too Many, opened at the Fountain Community Theater. Fina and Jamie both got their scripts for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang produced by Elevate Productions (June 14-16, 2018). And Fina won a vocal competition (each contestant performed a Baroque and a Classical piece) on Saturday and sang in a "Winners' Recital" Sunday afternoon.

Bonus picture of the Ninjas invading the kitchen.
One Wife Too Many