Thursday, January 7, 2021

Day 301

Matteo went off to school. AJ and David did various things: Wingspan, electronics, basketball, etc. with CFA lunch in the midst. Dinner was Stab Night - cheese fondue with bread (fresh baked), broccoli, and hot dogs. The bread was the biggest hit by far. The Idaho crew got home just after dinner time. Tonight's movie: Play for Keeps.

Another round of French baguettes.

David's first Wingspan experience.

Stab Night

A treasure from the trip.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Day 300

Three hundred, think of that, wowie. Matteo arose early for his first day back to school in 2021, mixed the pancake/waffle batter, had one or two, then off for the van. It was just a half day for him, so we all picked him up at the van stop and went to P.F. Chang's for lunch (indoors!). Another hoot. Then some basketball and electronics. Dinner was leftovers. Meanwhile, in Idaho Falls, the Reguscis had lunch at Smokin Fins, among other activities we assume.

Great Wall of Chocolate!

We played HORSE, PIG, GONE, maybe another.
David's getting pretty good at this for his size.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Day 299

Today was gorgeous in Colorado Springs. Temperatures into the 50s, but still snow on the ground from over a week ago. The boys got outside for quite a while until the afternoon turned chilly and windy. David went to his first horse PT session today at Stable Strides. Unfortunately, they could not put their hands on his medical release, so no on-horse stuff today, just get-to-know the PT, do some games and challenges, and take a little tour. Nana took on baking French baguettes (with French flour). Big hit at dinner time; AJ particularly could not get enough. Dump cake from yesterday was finished off. Matteo grilled burgers for dinner and Nana added fresh strawberries and whipped cream to the dessert buffet. Given the fresh, out-of-the-oven baguettes, we had to have some real French Champagne, Moutard - very nice! Meanwhile, the rest of the Reguscis were getting to know Idaho Falls.

Baguettes in the making.

Cherry Dump Cake

Stable Strides

Monday, January 4, 2021

Day 298

Ma and Pa Regusci did, in fact, get away at 5am along with Fina, Jonny, and Lexi on their way to Idaho Falls. And they did, in fact, get to Idaho Falls around dinner time. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there was a lot of electronics and legos and practice "zoom" meetings (Jamie) in between cleaners scurrying about. After all these activities, the gang headed over to the Club for lunch to re-initiate in-door dining. Had a great time. And since the plan was to have dump cake for dinner, that meant dessert could come now, and it did, in fact! AJ had been talking a few days now about making a dump cake, and today he and Matteo did it, in fact, in time for dinner - just as planned. The evening movie for Jamie and Lynn was Passenger 57.

Somewhere in Wyoming

Also somewhere in Wyoming.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Day 297

The Manhattan/Fort Riley crew did not get to breakfast at The Chef Cafe until after 10:30am. We really like this place for breakfast (first 3 pics below). We dropped Sam at Fort Riley just before noon and then we were headed west. Our only significant stop was for dinner at Oscar's in Limon, CO for dinner (which we also like a lot) so we were home before 7pm.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Day 296

Matt, Jamie, Sam, Matteo, AJ, and David headed out at 7:30am on a quick trip to Manhattan, KS to take Sam back to Fort Riley. And they hit some of their favorite spots: I-70 Diner in Flagler, CO; Martinelli's Little Italy in Salina, KS; and finally coming to rest at the Marriott Four Points in Manhattan. Hot tubbing and swimming at the latter to complete the day. And the bar is open! And Matt got a chance to exercise his new status with Marriott.

Interesting building across the street from Martinelli's

Friday, January 1, 2021

Day 295

Sorry, no pics today. Not sure why/how that happened. No earthshaking events, either. Matt and Sam did get some range time in. Matt made some great enchiladas and Lynn made a corn/chili soup, also quite good, from her new O'Keeffe cookbook. It was also her day to play with house plans. Still snow on the ground. The older males watched Midway, very good movie. Oh, wait, here's a photo obviously taken a while ago, but I used it today on the home page of the SLO Railroad Museum's website. And speaking of websites, January 1st is the day I go through and update the copyright notices for the new year on all the websites I do.