Monday, December 17, 2012

Remember Christmas = Forgiveness and Love

With all the chaos around, we want to make sure you fully understand this post will be about Love and Forgiveness.

Sadly, and tragically, last Friday a suicidal egomaniac killed innocent victims and rocked the foundations of our lives.  Even in the midst of this tragedy, our sensationalized media has utilized this event, and our fragile emotions, to discuss disgusting political issues and split our nation further apart.

We at the Compound are heartbroken and saddened that this event has not brought our nation closer together through love, charity, and forgiveness.

We Americans are amazing, charitable, spiritual people that love and care for neighbors, we may not even know, locally and all across the world.  We should not be known by these few unfortunate events that stream cross the media 24/7.  We should be known by the countless acts of love and charity that goes unnoticed every day.  Like giving food, blankets, shelter, and coats to the needy.  Toys, money, and love to good families struggling to make ends meet.  Countless children loved and cared for by foster and adoptive parents, and thankless gifts equaling over $6,000 to help a downsy baby, Yani, across the world be adopted by an amazing selfless family here in the States.

This is the America we love.  Merry Christmas and God Bless America

After many discussions at the compound about this horrific event, I wrote the following poem to highlight the compounds beliefs and what we will be focusing on this Christmas.
Remember Christmas = Forgiveness and Love 
Tragedy has struck
Our minute safe worlds are torn apart.
Is it bad luck?
Has the country, our people, lost their hearts?

So self-absorbed, so struck with fear, 
We forget the season of our Lord is near.
What do we do, where do we go?
Have we lost sight of the manger below?

This life changing event has caused us much grief,
And turned the most verbose around us mute;
Has rocked the core of our beliefs,
And provoked senseless political dispute.

Many philosophical questions are being asked,
Our intellectual and fragile minds are being racked.
The age old question - how can God exist?
With such death, hated, and evil in our midst.

When sensational brutal crimes are all we in the on TV
We miss the goodness, greatness, Godliness that surrounds.
Media bombards us with ugliness, not beautiful generosity, 
So we forget the vast majority of amazing people all around.

More guns! Less Guns! MORE! OR! LESS!
Don’t get wrapped up in this political mess.
For praise the Lord - A child is to be born
And he will help us constructively morn.

Please remove the rose colored glasses from your eyes,
And see your family, friends, and community clear.
We are Godly people, who will never die;
And cherish our life with no fear.

My family will pray for all victims of crimes,
And whose souls will miss the heavenly chimes.
My family will enter the season happily with love,
Praying, caroling, and celebrating our God above.

Remember it is Christmas and our Savior is alive,
Joyfully we realize Satan's war is lost, forever goodness has won.
Jesus spirit and words survive; though his body, crucified, will die,
Jesus cries out, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they have done.”


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