Monday, March 25, 2013

First First Reading

It was a first reading alright. It was the first rehearsal for The Sound of Music, and the goal was a first reading. This was Serafina's first first-reading. Tracy picked up all the tools she needed on the way (3-ring binder, notebook, pencils, highlighters, and pencil pouch). What a trooper Serafina was. She was at the table with the entire cast, and was focused to the max for the better part of 2 hours trying to follow along with her script (105 pages, single spaced!). I cringed a bit when they handed that unbound, un-punched, 1/4-ream of paper script to Serafina; I could just see it spewing all over the floor. It was crowded enough at the table that space was at a premium. But no problem. Once Tracy showed her a way to "turn over" to the next page, she kept things fairly tidy. At one point Tracy and I could tell she was entirely lost script-wise, but she heard Maria read a line that was a cue for her and she just looked up at Maria and said her line from memory (she's watched the movie many times!). The director was beaming! And oh my, that pink highlighter was going a mile a minute. It has a special gel tip; oh my. At one point the director called out info as to who was going to be called and at what times for the rest of the week, and also gave out the manager's cell phone number. When we talked with Serafina about that on our way to the car, she showed us where she had correctly jotted that all down in her notebook. Where did she learn all this!?

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