Thursday, April 18, 2013

Guess Who's Doing a TV Commercial?

That's right! Serafina landed a gig doing a TV commercial for Coast Hills Federal Credit Union (which happens to be where Lynn and I bank). She had something of an inside track via friends at church. We finished day two of shooting today. I say "we" because I had my camera, too! Otherwise I was just there to bring the snacks, unfold chairs, and stay out of the way. I remember Tracy explaining how filming was a lot different from theater (after her Dr. Quinn Medicine Women days). It sure is a great deal of "hurry up and wait". Good thing it's so fascinating during the in-between moments.

Here's the story line... Grandma and Grandpa are on their way to the beach in their car (filmed near San Simeon on day one), as are Mom and kids in their car (our shoot on day one along Highway 46). They'll be joining up with surfer Dad at the beach (shooting day two). There will be a day three of filming...

Can't wait to see the commercial!

Day One:

Day Two:

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