Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last Day of School

It was a very good day to be my last as a teacher. The parents set up a great brunch for both 5th/6th grade classes first thing in the morning. Then we listened to senior presentations by the first two graduating seniors of SLO Classical Academy (I was impressed), followed by recess, and then the last hour or so was with just "my class". We opened the time capsule we "buried" on the first day of school last Fall and got a kick out of seeing whose favorite book had changed, or movie, or least and most favorite subjects. Art and Science picked up many fans this year! Only one had changed their mind about who to elect as U.S. President. We played a bunch of Minute to Win It games, Snaps, Moon Club, and the like. And before we knew it, the last day was history. I wore a tie every day at school, and one of my scholars made the pictured origami shirt and tie for me. If I was going to teach but a couple years of my life, these would be the two to do. Now on to full time at the railroad...

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