Saturday, August 3, 2013

The story behind the pictures

The last week has been an amazing week for our family, and many of you have seen my picture on Facebook or instagram and wondered why #happytears and #Godisgood.  What is this amazing story?  I have been hesitant to post more information because it involves my boy’s birth story and well social media can get out of hand.  So before I share more I have a few things to say.

No adoption story is the same.

Adoption is life changing; for all involved.

It is a beautiful thing and at the same time messy.

We have now adopted twice and neither story is close to being the same, nor similar to any of our friends.  All adoption stories come with brokenness, and at the same time immense joy, happiness, and love.

Adoption is brokenness yet makes a family whole. 

Adoption is expensive, emotionally draining, yet priceless.

Adoption crosses cultures and separates them. 

Adoption is God’s grace at work. 

The most important thing to remember, no matter your view, at the heart of all adoptions is a child and in this case two. 

For that reason I have guarded my boy’s story from the internet.  I want them to be able to hear their story from Matt and me, their Mom and Dad.   It is their story, not mine. 

At the same time, it is also our story and part of our daily life.  It is an example of God’s amazing work. So it is with caution that I share a bit of the boy’s story with the cyber world. 

My request is that you, as friends and family, don’t ask probing question.  Accept the info I choose to share and please comment only if your words are positive, happy and God glorifying.  Know once published my boys at any time can come back and read what is written.

What you need to know is that my boy’s birth parents loved them deeply but knew the best choice for them and the boy’s was adoption.  They made the hardest choice any parent has to make; and one they never expected to make.  Brokenness.  My only hope is that they find comfort in the fact that boys are loved and cared for by so many.  

With that – this week my boys had the chance to meet the women whom carried them for 25 weeks. They got to meet their surrogate mother.

Through God’s amazing ways we connected.    She had no idea what happened to the boys or how they were doing.  She thought about them everyday and wished for the chance to hold them.  The first and last time she saw the babies, she was unable to hold them because they were so sick.

God brought us together.  She was able to finally hold the babies she had carried.  I was able to see pictures of her glowing pregnant belly at 15 weeks with my boys and another picture taken just 4 days before delivery!  Oh my mama heart was so happy for my boys to be able to have met her. 

She told me about how David kicked all the time and Jonathan was curled up on one side.  She described their position in the womb which is identical to positions I find them sleeping.  I can’t express how amazing it was to meet her and her boys.  

I don’t know what the future holds for my boys, if they will get a chance to meet their birth parents or not.  But after today, I do know that they will be able to know their tummy mommy, which is amazing.  My boys are blessed to have not one or two but three different moms to love them in different ways.  She helped to give them life and for that our family will always be grateful to her and her family and the sacrifices they all made to bring David and Jonathan into the world.  #happytears #Godisgood 


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