Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nobody Goes One for One

I auditioned for a play this past weekend - the father/mathematician role in "Proof" (more about the play here). The play was intriguing to me, and so was "Robert." My first theater audition. Ever. It's a little daunting to prepare and present "two contrasting monologues". I thought about backing out at the last minute, but realized this would be my only opportunity to show off what I'd put hours into. So I auditioned. Audience of one, the director. Felt surprisingly good. Afterward, I mentioned to a friend that I couldn't remember saying half the lines; he said that was a good sign. I didn't get the part; nobody goes one for one. Except Serafina.

Tangent: As chance would have it, I just read an article about the power of creativity, even over passion, for entrepreneur success. One of the ways to build creativity is to learn new hobbies, skills, etc. The article specifically mentions the arts: "but learning a new art form is one of the best methods to train the mind in developing creative problem-solving skills. The arts require the use of divergent thinking, which is the half of creative thought that is typically missing in corporate America" [full article].

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