Saturday, June 21, 2014

All Six are IN the Wedding ?!

Yup, all six kids were in Karlee and Aron's wedding. If that didn't make for an interesting preparation period and some very clever "management tools" Mom put in place. Like baggy after baggy of treats that the kids love but won't stain wedding clothes - even if drooled. And there was the last minute run for new pants! A baggy marked "Bloody Nose Kit." The things that never cross your mind if you haven't had kids. Sam ushed. Serafina was a Jr. Bridesmaid and sang The Lord's Prayer. Matteo bore (the ring). AJ stood with the groomsmen (the ENTIRE wedding) after helping get the twins get down the aisle. I'm not sure what role you'd call the twins', Cute Dispensers?, but there they were! It was a beautiful wedding, everything worked out. Karlee and Aron are off to a great start. Here are some pics Tracy took along the way. I grabbed the words she used to describe each on Facebook...

AJ thought that stripping was part of the wedding
#compoundliving #boys

Not going to walk down the aisle.
His brother is plastered to my leg screaming. 
Amazing heart pancakes to inspire
awesome ring bearing action! 

Big bag of non staining (even if you drool) snacks
on individual bags that don't make noise to open.
Bribery is not beneath me today....
The kids will walk down the aisle!

#karleeaarron #weddingfun
I could eat them.
#karleeaarron #preemiepower #love

Pre-wedding fun!!! #karleeaarron #boys

The Fam! #compoundliving
#karleeaarron #lifewith6kids

They made it down the aisle!
#karleeaarron #soproud @kscalzo5

One more super cute picture!! My babies!!
#karleeaarron #lovemykids#lifewith6kids

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