Saturday, April 30, 2016

An Irish Wake

Well, sorta. We took the most fun parts and left out the rest, and had one heckuva party in honor of Lynn's Dad and Founder of the Compound, Bob McDonald. The most commonly heard phrase all afternoon and evening, was "Bob would have loved this!" The second most commonly heard phrase (a very close second) was, "This was the best memorial I've ever been to!"

It was pretty simple. We invited whomever we could think of that might want to attend from here in our neck of the woods. We mixed that with many of Bob's favorite foods and libations. And voila, a party!

All the pics are here.

This post contains a fun slideshow of "Bob pics".

And here's Bob's obit in the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

To Bob! (This happened many times.)

Serafina would be quick to point out her makeup is for a show she's in.

Bob's youngest offspring on Lynn's branch, Lexi.

Die-hard shenanigans.
From Pat McCann: Bob in Kinsale, Ireland.

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