Thursday, May 19, 2016

Legally Blonde Previews Tonight

It's all coming together! And the show previews tonight, opens tomorrow night. Tonight's a bit unique in Compound history. There will be FOUR Compound dwellers actively engaged in the show. Serafina is in it, of course, but in addition, Tracy, Lynn, and I will be moving sets. It's how I "earned" my tech crew shirt for this show. Did you know Tracy and Lynn led the set team from design all the way through?! We're pretty excited...

Legally Blonde the Musical, Jr.
Presented by Coastal Youth Theatre
Directed by Natalia Salsbury
In the Studio Theatre at the Clark Center
May 20-29, 2016

The Delta Nu set.
Just love how the sets/props crew is in UPS shirts!
We deliver! On time and to the right spike!
The Hair Salon set.

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