Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving in KC

We had something of a family reunion in KC for Thanksgiving. Trevor's family from CA and the rest of us from CO converged on Jamie's sister's and Lynn's sister's homes in the KC area for a delightful week taking in as much of KC as we could. Many thanks to our hosts Vickie and Rob, and Laurie and Andy! All the photos are here. Not pictured are trips to various haunts like Velvet Creme Popcorn, Laura Little's Fudge Shop, Andre's (napoleons!), Panache (truffles), and the Luminary Walk at the Arboretum. We also drove by where we lived way back when. I hear the Nipomo Fosters went ice skating after we left for home.

At Fritz's Burgers, the meals are delivered by train to the table!

Marshmallow playdough fun at Function Junction.

Outdoors action at Crown Center (Hallmark).

The bow-making machine at the Hallmark Visitor Center was a huge hit.

Kaleidoscope. Very cool activity-packed place for kids at Hallmark.
The kids' great uncle has worked at Hallmark for 40+ years!

All the cousins, including some seconds. Or is that
cousin-in-law. I'm never sure.

The kid-sized hamster wheel at Science City (in Union Station)..

Generating some electricity.

Very cool climbing structure (still at Science City).

Spotting some stray balloons at Union Station.

The kids' table at the Harvey House in Union Station.

Can you spot their order written on the table?

Even the big kids had fun.

The "kids" table at Thanksgiving. The following Saturday, Nick's (on the right,
plays right tackle) football team won the state highschool championship!
Serafina was there. Nick is Hailey's boyfriend; she's a cousin.

The ferris wheel inside Scheels (like a Cabellas).

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