Friday, December 22, 2017

Four by Brother Luck

Recognize the name? It's a new restaurant in downtown Colorado Springs, just opened in May. You may recognize Brother Luck as the name of one of the contestants on Top Chef Colorado. The TV at the bar was playing excerpts from the show. And we met him, talked a bit with him! Better yet, we got to enjoy his food at the restaurant tonight. OMG! We finally found a truly "foodie" experience nearby in CO. The menu is uniquely simple. Each of the four quadrants ("Four by") is essentially a Pris Fixe 4-course meal. There are choices within each quadrant, but you can also mix and match across the menu if you want. But each quadrant is designed to go together. I went with quadrant II, Lynn did III. See the dinner menu. All the photos are here. Do not miss a chance to enjoy a great food experience here. And at $65/person including wine paired with each course, it's a bargain.

Bacon-Chipotle Popcorn and the "Four by" menu.

SERRANO JAMON TOAST: Goat Cheese, Everything Spice, Capers

ASPEN RIDGE FILET MIGNON: Persimmon, Chimchurri, Parsnips, Peppercorn

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