Friday, February 23, 2018

The Margarita at Pine Creek

Lynn and Jamie visited The Margarita at Pine Creek this evening. It was our Valentine date but we couldn't get reservations till a week later. Yes, it's that good. The menu format is quite simple. You can choose 3 to 5 courses as a prix fixe meal, and each section (appetizer, salad, etc.) has only a few choices. And, the menu changes every day depending on what's available, fresh, etc. The building itself is fascinating, too. There's a downstairs bar/lounge that looked like a hot spot of sorts (we just looked in). Live music often down stairs and on Saturdays (we hear) there is live baroque music upstairs in the main dining area.  The wine list is nicely sized and has selections across many prices, countries, varietals, and blends. We chose a very nice Italian Barbera d’Alba (let it breathe a while).

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