Friday, August 10, 2018

A Rockies Game

Zach and Rebecca are in town, so let's go to a Rockies game! That was the plan, at least, an "all play" outing. But David got sick, Fina was crewing for Charlie Brown, so Nana and Lexi stayed back, too. That left three tickets unused - until we realized Zach had some cousins in town as well, a party of three. Providential. It was a first pro game for the boys, and the first time back in a ballpark for Papa in 40-ish years. Had a great time. Coors Field is really quite nice and very easy to get in and out. All the photos are here.

Getting there early for batting practice was genius. We didn't get one, but this gal did!


Did you see that?!

Even as we were leaving, AJ made a new friend on the exit ramp.

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