Friday, May 31, 2019

A Rockies Game

This might have been the highlight of the Nipomo Fosters' visit to Colorado. And the Rockies won 13-6! We've been watching weather for quite a while as rain and cold were possible, even likely at some points. But game night was gorgeous, in the 70s when we got there and about 60 when we left. We could see rain in the distant mountains, but no rain on us, and the cloud cover kept the sun out of our eyes. Perfect.

Despite terribly impacted traffic, we got there in time for batting practice. Everyone was doing their best, but alas no snags by any of us. However, at the very end of batting practice, a kid next to William caught a homer and then handed it to William. So cool! Not a bad souvenir for the cousins' first MLB experience. All three cousins got Rockies buttons, too, when one of the hosts realized they were first-timers.

Ever hear of tochos? It's like nachos, except the chips are replaced with tater tots. Oh my.

Thanks to Jenn and Tracy for these photos.

We were in our now-favorite section, 222.

A friendly Rockies host took this picture of the first
carload to arrive at the gate. The second carload showed
up a few minutes later (couldn't park in handicap).

Thick as thieves.

Got on the scoreboard!


Lexi checked out about the 5th inning.

OMG, this was the funniest thing ever. As we were
walking out of the stadium, Trevor says a guy told
him the hat was too small for him. Trevor responded,
"not as small as this one" as he lifted the black hat
and revealed the smaller purple one now also
perched ridiculously on his head. Well played.

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