Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Playing with Da Vinci

We headed out to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science today specifically to see Grand Exhibition's traveling Da Vinci Inventions exhibit. Here's an article from the Denver Post. Totaling engaging for everyone (from 4 to 65). I had no idea what I was going to see and experience, which is why I left the camera behind. Don't ever leave the camera behind; all I had was my cell phone (all the pics are here). The reincarnation of the inventions was astounding. And some you could even play with! But the Mona Lisa... I saw it at the Louvre; ho hum. Never really intrigued me. But I had to tear myself away from this exhibit which was all about the studies, the techniques to get beneath the top layers, the way it looked over time. Who she started out as and who she ended up as. It was fascinating! And we hit Sam's No. 3 for dinner on the way home. If this traveling Da Vinci exhibit comes to a museum near you, don't miss it - even if you're not a Da Vinci fan. You might become one.

Da Vinci's self-supporting bridge.

The "play with" machines were marked with the green emblem at David's left hand.

Fun! Da Vinci catapult practice.

I had a cheap version of this clock for the longest time.

Then we did a little bit of their regular exhibits.

That's an adult T-Rex brain cast center-right foreground, life-size!

He's working on a triceratops bone recently discovered in Highland Park.

We all got into this mind game, literally make the ball move with brain activity.

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