Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving: With How Many Kids?!

Yvette: "The big family thanksgiving with our matching family friends LOL. The first picture does my heart good - kids from just two families and there are actually quite a few kids missing from the picture (we have 15 between the two of us). They all get along so well. The meal was the best I can remember in a long time and stepping outside our introverted box on a holiday, was a huge step for us but will become one of my favorite memories. We lost many family and friends when we adopted - our needs changed, our kids can be hard, our parenting has changed. There were many lonely years. In the end God redeemed mightily. ( I only share this because so many are still in the lonely and all I can say - it will come. Mourn the loss but anticipate the marvelous.) Then onto Black Friday with some kids while the daddies cleaned respective kitchens!"

Grandma's Rolls and Rainbow Jello.

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