Saturday, January 11, 2020

TECO Train Show

Papa, Matteo, and AJ went to the mall today for a train show put on by Train Expo Colorado (TECO). Great fun, of course. AJ and Matteo enjoyed the swap meet most. Papa liked the layouts. All three of us went to the talk about the Denver, South Park, and Pacific Railroad from Denver to Kenosha Pass. Yes, that South Park! AJ even bought himself an N-gauge boxcar and some track. He loved chatting with the guys.

Jamie made connections with the Rocky Mountain Railroad Heritage Society and in particular the Calhan Depot project they are working. He may have found his next webmastering project(s). Calhan, CO is about 40 minutes east of us on the way to Limon, CO.

We concluded with lunch at Chick-fil-A and a stop at the fudge shop to take home a family treat.

Found a Big Boy! 4014 no less.

AJ road all the way up Elf-style.

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