Monday, April 6, 2020

Day 25

We mailed masks to California, Pennsylvania, and continued distributing them locally. Matt and I also made a masked trip to Lowe's to pick up some hog wire to seal the puppies in at various locations where they've found escape opportunities. Fina did some sidewalk chalk drawings to brighten the day for passers-by. Lexi took a shot at dog "brooming." Fina chose today, Day 25, to give Lexi a makeover! Dinner from Chipotle. Tonight's movie: Hangover.

Jamie started "work" today at IndyGive. It's an online, collaborative, fundraising effort with about 100 Pikes Peak region nonprofits joining in. He first read about IndyGive on a poster at Springs Ensemble Theatre (SET) talking about how SET had received six figures of income that year being part of IndyGive. In total, IndyGive raised about $1.6 million last year for local nonprofits. Jamie's helping to cleanup their database of donors, participants, staff, volunteers, partners, etc.

Sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag is a thing.

Masks away!

Dog "brooming"

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