Monday, October 4, 2021

Pismo and Nipomo

Vickie, Nana, and Papa left Yosemite on September 25th for some time at the beach in Pismo. We did all kinds of hiking around with the Foster grands, enjoyed Trevor hosting us Daou Winery, Old West Cinnamon Rolls, etc. Vicki and Lynn left for home on the 30th while Jamie stayed over to attend some of the activities at the Central Coast Railroad Festival, a county-wide event he chaired this year (and in 2019).

Vespera Resort

Daou Winery

Winemaker dinner at Ox & Anchor (SLO Hotel)

Looking right into where Jamie once officed in downtown Pismo.

Harford Pier

Fish Gaucho in Paso as we were coming in from Yosemite.

Part of the Central Coast Railroad Festival

View from part way up Pismo Preserve

At the SLO Railroad Museum

Chickens in Nipomo!

Lots of beach walks.

Up in the oaks on the Pismo Preserve

Oso Flaco Lake

Jerk Chicken by Trevor

That's the new Raiders stadium in Las Vegas

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