Saturday, January 1, 2022

New Year's Day in Denver

We grabbed a latte at the Brown Palace coffee shop and headed out in 9-degree weather with 3-4 inches of snow on the ground to the Denver Art Museum. The special exhibit was "Whistler to Cassatt, American Painters in France." It was pretty cool, but so was seeing a whole line-up of Monet paintings in another gallery. A delightful discovery was the restaurant in the Art Museum, The Ponti (named after the building's architect). Fabulously interesting menu and really, really good food. How about an ancho (powdered poblano pepper) peanut butter sandwich with curried apple slices and all sorts of greens and cucumber on a thinly sliced, buttery-toasted sourdough?! And, our waitress was kind enough to give us a list of other fine food places, but alas we couldn't get into any of them tonight (our last night here). But for future reference, here's the list: Bistro Vendome, Rioja, Ultreia, Guard & Grace, Stoic & Genuine, and Tamayo. We had our "last supper" at the Palace Arms in the Brown Palace followed by a cigar and a drink in the Churchill Bar. Today's photos start here.

The Ponti at the Denver Art Museum

Palace Arms at the Brown Palace

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