Friday, July 22, 2022

Matilda the Musical

Antonio, formerly known as AJ, blew the whole family away this evening with his performance as Bruce in Matilda the Musical produced by Elevate Productions. From the cake-eating scene to the rather melancholy "When I Grow Up" to the high-energy rock star of "Revolting Children," Antonio, formerly known as AJ, gave it his all. It actually felt like the audience would pop to its feet if "Revolting Children" went on any longer. And Antonio, formerly known as AJ, really got a cake, I'm mean kick, out of all the "chocolate cake" (Hostess cupcakes) the family drowned him in after the show. One show down, three to go...

Earlier in rehearsal...

Fina became his make-up person.

Showered with more chocolate cake!

He asked if anyone was bringing a sign, so Fina made one!

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