Saturday, August 20, 2022

Colorado Railroad Museum

Nana and Papa headed for Golden, CO today for the Golden Fina Art Festival. We were supposed to meet up with Rachel and Heather, but alas neither could make it. Nana and Papa, made it, however. They enjoyed a nice little breakfast at The Golden Hotel (which could be a future get-away!) then off to the art festival. It's a juried show so the work was all quite good; could have bought any number of things, and did end up with a couple pieces for the kitchen. With plenty of daylight left, they headed over to the Colorado Railroad Museum for a little train ride and lots of exhibits. All the day's photos are here.

Gotta remember to check out Miners Alley Playhouse.

You can tour the very large Coors facility just up the road.

"Where's your tank car, Gramps?"
That's how it got to be thus painted.

Robob, Lynn's Dad, worked for Standard Oil in Casper!

We'd never been in a bobber caboose before. Felt REALLY short.

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