Friday, December 23, 2022

A Few Days Before Christmas

Lots of Christmas goings on... O Tannenbaum... Sand Tarts... German Pancakes... Christmas Movies ("A Christmas Story Christmas" and "I Believe in Santa")... Legos... Puzzles... Santa's Workshop... Gingerbread Houses... Merry Christmas Adam (you know, just before Christmas Eve 😄)! We also did Family Dinner tonight with the topic of The Wise Men (much of which came from Jamie's recent "Torah Talks" lesson, here). And it turned out that blowing a fuse by running two microwave ovens at once was somewhat fortuitous in that we discovered an unrelated little water leak near a hot water heater. Not freezing temperature-related either. It's gotten down to -13F two nights in a row.

Someone was being Grinchy...

Sand Tarts!

Back in the Workshop. Learning to make ribbon twisty!

German pancakes - fam fave!

Add a few drops of lemon juice for a touch of heaven.

Helped a lot with crowd control between events.

A number of kids got into Lego kits.
Matteo built this guitar!

Merry Christmas Adam morning!

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