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Friday, January 27, 2012

Insta - Friday

Yes Insta- Friday is back! For those of you who didn't follow my other blog this is a fun little Friday blog party where I link up with my friends blog,, and we all share pictures from our week that we took with our cell phones. It is a fun way to see the week in review. So with out further ado Tracy's week via cell phone pics:

On Friday (a week ago) I wanted to give a friend a bunch of socks, I know random. Since sock themselves are not that exciting I thought they need a creative wrap, thus came..sock pops!  Amazed at how cute they turned out a picture was a must.

And as must of you know I celebrated my birthday.  For my birthday Matt took me away for the night! Which included a stop at my favorite cupcake shop in Los Olivos, Enjoy! LOVE.

The next day we spent the day at Ikea where we got awesome new highchair for the twins :

Here they are testing them out Monday! They are perfect, small foot print, light weight, and fold flat for storage. Yes it is the small things in life.

Speaking of...Serafina was very excited because I found her and Hannah matching outfits. "The Girls" were very styling.

For some reason this bird, who probably doesn't need an introduction. has been a major player in our house. My 4 year old loves this bad boy.  He sleeps with him, eats with him, takes him to school , to the store, awanas, you name it this bird does does it.  


Playing real life angry bird.

Oh yes with parental involvement.

Yes this does include lobbing the red stuff bird as hard as you can at each other.

Yes there has been tears.

Yes I am over 30 and know better.

Yes we have so much fun we are laughing so hard it hurts by the time it we are done.

And last but not least:

Oh yeah this did happen. Sometime life is messy. But you just have to roll with the punches!

Happy Friday!

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