Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A few more discoveries

We've made a few more discoveries... Just down the street is the Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern. Pictured below is an oversized piece of paper with nothing but whisky and scotch! Papa tried the Colorado Gold (higher end); was OK, but he's trying others. The brisket was to die for (we're home!). And as if that, the tater tots, and the deviled eggs with bourbon-glazed bacon weren't enough, there's a Cigar Patio! As Matt said, "Oh sweet Jesus."

Cigar Patio

Colorado Gold

Deviled eggs with bourbon-glazed bacon

On a day off school, AJ jumped into a
project that's not due for days yet.

Watching TV at breakfast without
messing up the carpet.

They were kind enough to put in an
earthquake simulator at the park (the
platform is on four big springs).

Monday, August 14, 2017

Back to School

Three of the kids are going to Discovery Canyon Campus, a PreK-12 school. The twins are going to Antelope Trails. Here are some photo moments...

The sun was very bright. The two boys will head through that tunnel
in the background and enter the PK-5th section of the campus.
They got to visit their classrooms and teachers last week, so it
shouldn't be totally new to them. It's about a 20-minute walk from the house.

While everyone was out delivering kids to school, she started her day making
herself one-eyes for breakfast.

And a "box troll" outfit. She'll be visiting her
part of the campus (6-8) later this afternoon
and will start in earnest tomorrow.

The twins are picked up at home by a wonderfully pleasant bus driver
and aide. They'll love the bus ride (again).

Sunday, August 13, 2017


This was our first Sunday all here in Colorado. We visited Woodmen Valley Chapel this morning (Woodmen Heights campus). We're going to visit their other two sites in the next weeks. Seems very promising. AJ came out of Sunday School with the scripture card shown below...

I asked AJ who was the name being talked about? He immediately answered
"Ben Collins." I guess my bursting into laughter gave him pause and he very
quickly popped up with his second guess, Jesus.

In the parking lot.

Oh look, a down escalator, too!
We went back-to-school clothes shopping after church.

Best reading nook in the house (so far).

Saturday, August 12, 2017

"All Play" at the Pool

We took a break from unpacking and all this morning to venture forth en masse to the pool at the club. Great decision, we all had a blast. Later in the day Matt and Jamie visited a liquor store. Colorado is one of those states where alcohol is only available in alcohol stores, not grocery stores and the like. We discovered that California wines are very well priced (10-20% less than at CA stores) but the hooch is 10-20% more per bottle. FYI, there are quite a few gins made in Colorado.

All the photos are here.

Some very creative water toys.

Crooning, like in the shower.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

2nd Wave to Colorado

Nana, Papa, and Serafina are the last group to head east to Colorado...

We loved the Luxor in Las Vegas

Had a great dinner at Rice & Company

At the Blue Man Group show. Fantastic, don't miss an opportunity.

At the Black Bear Diner in St. George, Utah.

Devil's Canyon.

Don't miss the fabulous drive along I-70 from Salina to Green River, Utah.
Fantastic stuff to see right from the freeway!

Can you believe this is a McDonald's!
Some little town east of Grand Junction, CO.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Last, and First

She has a rather unique distinction of having been in the last show (Oliver!) under the name SLO Little Theatre and the first show (Into the Woods Jr) under the new name SLOREP. The flowers are from Dawna Davies - love that gal.

California Update

Sides Hardware and Shoes in Los Olivos.
We also tried Enjoy Cupcakes, but they were closed by the time we got there.

Adult beverage at Sides

Calamari was a hit. So was the Bacon Steak (a specialty there).

A history of Danish Kings from Gorm the Old (900s) to now is what caught
Serafina's attention as we wandered around Solvang waiting for Newsies.
#SLOCAkid. Well, ice cream, too.

We had a 30-minute rain hold during the second act.

We joined the Foster grands for some rooster hunting and lunch at Villa Cantina.

Fairly wet after the brief thunderstorm. Serafina led the cousins in a
theatre game under the protection of the Heritage Bandstand.