Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A few more discoveries

We've made a few more discoveries... Just down the street is the Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern. Pictured below is an oversized piece of paper with nothing but whisky and scotch! Papa tried the Colorado Gold (higher end); was OK, but he's trying others. The brisket was to die for (we're home!). And as if that, the tater tots, and the deviled eggs with bourbon-glazed bacon weren't enough, there's a Cigar Patio! As Matt said, "Oh sweet Jesus."

Cigar Patio

Colorado Gold

Deviled eggs with bourbon-glazed bacon

On a day off school, AJ jumped into a
project that's not due for days yet.

Watching TV at breakfast without
messing up the carpet.

They were kind enough to put in an
earthquake simulator at the park (the
platform is on four big springs).

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