Sunday, August 27, 2017

Creede, CO

Zach invited us to share his Creede world with us this weekend, and "the Boys" were able to go. (The whole fam damily is going Labor Day weekend.) We met up with Zach Friday evening at Tommyknocker Tavern where he works. Damn fine sandwiches, by the way. We did the town Saturday morning then met up with Zach, including fishing at his other place of employment, The Antlers Lodge and Restaurant. The highlight was his campsite where the boys did some more fishing, we had a surf and turf camp-cooked meal (Zach caught a trout we all sampled and the main meal was rib-eyes with a fine coffee-garlic rub with asparagus veggies), the boys learned a few camping skills, and various libations and cigars ruled the night.

All the pics are here.

Getting Matt's fishing license and some gear.

At the Creede Museum.

View from the road to the Last Chance Mine. That's Creede down there.

A little rockhounding.

Jamie has lots of model livestock rail cars,
but doesn't remember ever seeing the full-size variety before.

You never know what might break out with theatre folk around.

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