Friday, March 9, 2018

St. Baldrick's and Miscellany

Check this out! AJ and Matteo shaved their heads to raise money for the St. Baldrick's (get it?) Foundation fighting childhood cancer. Everyone got a kick out of it and they raised a few bucks, too! There are a few miscellaneous pics below as well.

"It's Friday, it's Friday!"
Look who got her braces.

Chocolate tulips! Now there's a bouquet of flowers
for Jamie. His show, One Wife Too Many, closes
this weekend. Thank you, Jessie!

Lexi's ready for A Christmas Story.

Manitou Springs Tour

The Wandering Monkeys set out on a 2-hour tour of the historic parts of Manitou Springs. Click here for a good start on info. Other than the very odd things you stumble upon amongst the Manitoids (it really is a bit quirky there), it was mostly an architectural tour with a nice peppering of stories thrown in. And they've got a wide span of eras and styles to choose from. All the photos are here.

Lunched at the Stagecoach Inn. Jamie's fish and chips was great. Lynn's
burger would have been good, too, had they kept the grilled onions and
held the cheese as ordered rather than the other way around.

Gotta try the mineral waters.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Big Weekend

Jamie's show, One Wife Too Many, opened at the Fountain Community Theater. Fina and Jamie both got their scripts for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang produced by Elevate Productions (June 14-16, 2018). And Fina won a vocal competition (each contestant performed a Baroque and a Classical piece) on Saturday and sang in a "Winners' Recital" Sunday afternoon.

Bonus picture of the Ninjas invading the kitchen.
One Wife Too Many

Saturday, February 24, 2018

FishBowling with Janice and Sam

Both Janice and Sam came a-visiting this weekend! And we all headed to the FishBowl today for a little bowling fun, and lunch, in a marine environment. Pretty fun place! All the photos are here.

The FishBowl has the collest ramps for the little ones, and automatic
bumpers that pop up when a somewhat-little one takes a turn. You can
program the scorekeeping system to know who the littles are.

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Margarita at Pine Creek

Lynn and Jamie visited The Margarita at Pine Creek this evening. It was our Valentine date but we couldn't get reservations till a week later. Yes, it's that good. The menu format is quite simple. You can choose 3 to 5 courses as a prix fixe meal, and each section (appetizer, salad, etc.) has only a few choices. And, the menu changes every day depending on what's available, fresh, etc. The building itself is fascinating, too. There's a downstairs bar/lounge that looked like a hot spot of sorts (we just looked in). Live music often down stairs and on Saturdays (we hear) there is live baroque music upstairs in the main dining area.  The wine list is nicely sized and has selections across many prices, countries, varietals, and blends. We chose a very nice Italian Barbera d’Alba (let it breathe a while).

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Here are a couple random kid shots...

Playing Star Wars Monopoly.

There's a do.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Magic Town

What an incredible store/display. Magic Town is a pay-to-go-in (modestly) section of Michael Garman's store in Old Colorado City, a 1/6 scale world to explore. Wow. We thoroughly enjoyed our roughly thirty minutes in there. Matteo and AJ got into it, too, in large part due to the scavenger hunt for the kids ever so cleverly provided by the shop. The kids even wanted to get samples of his work (which they did). All the photos are here.

There were holograms and lighting effects that changed the
look of scenes before your very eyes.

AJ found the price of plums.

And Matteo found the poodle (on the bench).