Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Antonio's and Griffen's Continuation

Antonio and Griffen both advance to High School! DCC had their 8th Grade Continuation ceremony today. Antonio's Thunder Tones Choir sang and Griffen received the Spirit of Flight Award. All the photos are here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Brahm's Graduation

Brahm graduated from DCC High School today! Congratulations! All the photos from graduation and the next day's Western Colorado College signing ceremony (wrestling scholarship) are here.

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Pikes Peak Trolley Museum and Restoration Shop

Had to do something rail-related today... Afterall, it's National Train Day. So, having not been to this place yet since moving to Colorado Springs, it was off to the Pikes Peak Trolley Museum and Restoration Shop. The big surprise was finding a Southern Pacific Daylight car in their yard. It's currently marked MCRX 10400 and we were told it was originally a dining car that was later converted to a Maintenance-of-Way car. Another bit of a surprise was they had several Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority trolleys that would have been running in Philadelphia, PA about the time my Dad (Papa Bill) was growing up there or shortly thereafter. He may well have seen or even ridden one of these!  The tour ends with a little ride on a trolley up and down a short display track.

But first, as it was raining, we had breakfast at La Baguette.
Then off to the Museum in sunshine!

That bright orange small HO trolley is a dead-ringer for
the one I ran as a boy on my Dad's layout in Kansas City.

Very cool Polar Express layout

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority

Last ran on the Manitou Cog Railway in 2017.

Same cog railway car as noted above.

The Southern Pacific Daylight car

There were several model layouts and tons
of displayed model trains and artifacts in their
Rock Island railcar.

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Paper Plate Awards for The Wizard of Oz

There was a secondary cast party at our house for the older Wizard of Oz cast members. The family made Paper Plate Awards for everyone - lots of fun! They're a hoot! Dinner and the s'mores weren't bad either.

Monday, April 29, 2024

Passover Seder

Easter and Passover were about as far apart date-wise as they can get this year. And on top of that, we didn't have our Seder until the end of Passover week instead of at the beginning (waited until The Wizard of Oz was completed).

Saturday, April 27, 2024

The Wizard of Oz

We closed this show today following one show last night and two today. Antonio played Scarecrow; Lexi played a Munchkin, a Poppy, and a Flying Monkey; and Jamie was the Music Director. Tracy got involved, too, with various backstage duties including mics (she got to wear her "I'm wearing black you can't see me" shirt). Nana and Fina got sucked in, too, for make-up skills. The show was produced by Rise Christian Arts. Below are some pics and tidbits mostly from tech week and after performances. P.S. Was not familiar with the Jitterbug scene (it's not in the movie) - it became a favorite (among many favorites).

There was a lot of make-up practicing and application.

Munchkin at right.

Poppy at right.

Flying Monkey

Jamie's view of the show - running music/sound cues.

Scarecrow: "It's so green."

Lynn, Tracy, and Vickie all got in on making over 100
of these for a rehearsal treat one night.

Various friends came to see the show!

Nana is always in support mode
and the biggest cheerleader.

With Aunt Vickie - who really
did blow in from Kansas. Thank goodness
she was in town to plug many holes.