Saturday, April 27, 2024

The Wizard of Oz

We closed this show today following one show last night and two today. Antonio played Scarecrow; Lexi played a Munchkin, a Poppy, and a Flying Monkey; and Jamie was the Music Director. Tracy got involved, too, with various backstage duties including mics (she got to wear her "I'm wearing black you can't see me" shirt). Nana and Fina got sucked in, too, for make-up skills. The show was produced by Rise Christian Arts. Below are some pics and tidbits mostly from tech week and after performances. P.S. Was not familiar with the Jitterbug scene (it's not in the movie) - it became a favorite (among many favorites).

There was a lot of make-up practicing and application.

Munchkin at right.

Poppy at right.

Flying Monkey

Jamie's view of the show - running music/sound cues.

Scarecrow: "It's so green."

Lynn, Tracy, and Vickie all got in on making over 100
of these for a rehearsal treat one night.

Various friends came to see the show!

Nana is always in support mode
and the biggest cheerleader.

With Aunt Vickie - who really
did blow in from Kansas. Thank goodness
she was in town to plug many holes.

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