Monday, April 8, 2024

Solar Eclipse

Turns out that Nana, Papa, and Brahm were at home during the Solar Eclipse. And yes, we checked in on it a few times while having lunch and making spaghetti for dinner. Some of the kids got to see it at school, too. Next one for Colorado will be in August of 2045 and the path of 100% totality will go across much of Colorado.

We made our own solar artwork (photo)... With an Old Fashioned.

Max for our area was about 68%.

Yesterday our two Wizard of Oz actors distributed
posters to various businesses near us. This was Carl's Jr.
Our last stop was Josh & John's Ice Cream!
Get tickets at:

The Children's Hospital helicopter happened to be
parked at the hospital when we dropped Tracy
off for work this morning.

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