Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nine People on Four Food Paths

You may not have thought it possible... But at the moment we have four food paths ("diets") going on here at the Compound. It became noticeable when Matt and Nana started a detox-raw-foods thing a week or so ago. That put Tracy and Jamie on a separate path, the kids on their path, and Robob stayed, of course, on his unique path. There is overlap now and then, but that doesn't seem to make the logistics any easier. What's really going to make all this very interesting is that the kitchen gets demolished this coming week and will be "out of service" for three weeks during the remodel. Veggies and dairy and fruit, oh my!...

And please, don't leave the internet connection unplugged when you use the blender. (We network over the AC electrical system.)

The kitchen did get a mega food processor out of the deal.

I think Robob will be moving up the schedule on his kitchen installation, too.

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