Saturday, February 25, 2012

Using Your Resources...

It was about a month before two boat racing events that the kids would be doing, and Tracy had a brainstorm...

What if we got Uncle Trevor, the engineer, to help with a boat?! So, beyond the Compound walls we reached to other resources. Actually, it wasn't that far. He lives in the area. And oh my gosh, the boat he came up with! It was the talk of the town at both events. "Serafina didn't make that, did she?" Uh, no. But she and Sam sure enjoyed racing it. She received a first place award at one event, and Sam clearly outpaced the herd at another.

For all the photos:

Awana Yacht Races, 2/21/12
Children's Center Rain Gutter Regatta, 2/24/12

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