Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Business and Pleasure

Santa Maria Valley Railroad Business Special to Seattle
August 9-14, 2012

Sometimes it all comes together. Like when you realize you've made your fun stuff be also your business stuff. We got a chance to do some business, plan some strategies, think long term; and play tourist a little, too! We even pulled our technical wizardry together enough for Rob to "run the railroad remotely".

Once you go private railcar, you'll never go back (or want to go back). OK, I'll go back as often as I can, but still. Private railcar is a first class experience from back in the days when first class really meant something. I don't mean 3-piece suits, though there was a tie now and then. And we interacted more like family and friends than business associates. Or maybe that's the best kind of business associates - family and friends. It was also that we were totally spoiled with fabulous meals, made up beds, "cruise directors", and drink servers who also became friends as the trip unfolded.

And Papa Bill got to join in on this one, too. You remember Papa Bill, a Compound Living great granddad who gets to be out here a couple months each year (from Kansas). He's been a train lover all his life, enjoying all scales from HO to garden to 12 inches to the foot. Riding, running, or modeling.

Lynn was all set to come along, too, until we realized that she had to be back at school the day before we left. Bummer. We'll schedule that better next time.

There are 6 web pages of photos: http://JF2.com/120809/

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