Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

by Nana

At age 4, Matteo is at the age of absolutes and his take on the world cracks us up daily. For instance...

1. Robob encounters Matteo out in the garden busily stirring a concoction of water and “stuff” you can only imagine. When he asked Matteo what he was doing, he seriously replied, “Making dirt.” Thank goodness. I was worrying that at the rate the boys were bringing dirt into the house we would soon run out of it in the garden.

2. Today after his bath, Matteo was struggling to put a dry shirt on his wet body.  I suggested it might help to dry off first.  Matteo informed me that God has given him “special” skin that stays dry in the water so he doesn’t drown and die.  It also magically dries when he gets out of the water so he doesn’t need a towel.  Thanks, God.

3. AJ is at a stage where everything in the world is “scary.” Some fears are understandable. Nono (his “other” grandpa) turns on an electric drill and AJ runs for cover in the nearest closet.  But other things like the airplanes flying overhead are also “scary.”  So the daily mantra from AJ as he explores his world is “It’s scary,” and we respond sometimes with an explanation of what “it” is and negating or justifying the fear. Other times we just respond with “no, it’s okay.”  However we respond, AJ will end the conversations with “it’s okay,” and go on with his day – the “scary” factor is now okay.  Too bad we can’t all let go of the “scaries” we encounter daily with the same grace and ease of a two-year-old.

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