Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Little Girl

Serafina, my little girl, had her opening night for the Melodrama.

All day long I was giddy, I was nervous, I was sentimentally, I was excited. What was she feeling?

My Serafina, who made me a mother for the first time.

 My one and only girl.

How I prayed that she be a boy because in my young 22yr old mind I thought all little girls needed a big brother so my first had to be a boy.

But oh how I rejoiced when she was a girl. Little did I know that God would provide her with a big brother and that she would be the only girl.

She has always been independent, strong willed and sweet.

And tonight at 7years old, she step out on stage in front of a huge audience, with no fear in sight, and played Tiny Tim. From a little solo song to the final line of the play.

She didn't need me by her side. She didn't want me by her side.

My mommy heart swelled with pride and cried with tears.

Where did my baby go?

She is amazing, she is strong, she is unstoppable.

I thank God for her everyday.

She will always be my little girl. My one little girl. My baby who made me a mom.

Serafina: Fiery Angel
I am so proud of you.

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