Friday, November 9, 2012


The number 6 seems so harmless. 

We have been 6 Regusci's for 2 years now.

It is simply 1 more then 5.

It is half a dozen.

Harmless right?

Unless it is 6 kids.

That all belong to you.

The other day after church Matt and I decide to walk to downtown with our 6 kids and have lunch.  We quickly learned that we were the highlight of many people.  It started with us crossing the crosswalk and man walking towards us was verbally, as in out loud, counting "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!"  As we passed Sam said "He just counted us!"  Yes yes he did.

Then as we were sitting eating our lunch, in which the kids were well behaved, every body in the store was literally staring at us.  And not the we are trying not to stare at you stare but blatantly staring.  As if having 6 kids gives other the right to watch you.  Matt even caught the eyes of a few people who smiled, "yeah were staring at you smiles" It seriously cracked me up to no end. 

Their kids people. 

Kids in stair step birth order.

Not sextuplets just bothers and sisters with parents.

Small Humans.

I guess it is official we are the family with ALL those kids. 


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