Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Help Fight Epilepsy

Do you know the totally amazing, rock star, awesome, Gibson family?   (All though I really am not allowed to call them rock stars because they are really just people, Jeannette said so in a blog, but it’s the way I talk so she has to deal.)

Do you know Jill and what an utterly cool 4 year old she is?

Do you know about epilepsy....and that ....well ......it ....sucks?

Do you know The Regusci family is going to walk to end epilepsy?

Do you want to know why? 

Years ago before kids Matt and I meet Andy and Jeannette.
When I first meet Jeannette I remember thinking she was "super cool" and "super smart".  She had a real career, you know like with a fancy job title, and she had work clothes.  She planned city's and things or something like that, and used big words.  

I was a nanny.  I could sing a mean nursery rhyme but that was about it.  

She also baked, scraped booked, spoke a second langue and had über crafty friends.

Serious coolness and totally out of my league because you know I got pregnant and had a baby and adopted all like within the same year...insta-family.  What "cool" person would want to be friends with a stay-at-home mom.  Who could barely take a shower or make a box of mac and cheese and her BA hung above the laundry machine because it never saw the light of an office.

But  those things didn't matter to Jeannette the "career" gal.  Jeannette just cared about your heart. She accepted everyone and welcomed you no matter what.  Soon we found ourselves in more and more situations together and not to long after she was toting around a one year old pregnant with twins.  And with that we had a lot in common and became even closer friends. (for the record she is still more cool than me and has uber crafty friends but she accepts me because like I said, she is a rockstar)

Now, we both have husbands that spend a lot of time traveling for work, we have more then a couple kids, we have twins, and we have kids with special needs.   We don't see each other everyday or talk everyday but in my opinion we get each other.   We can be real with each other. 

No sugar coating.  Just raw.  Love it.  That's us.  
Jeannette is also my friend I called when Jonathan was airlift from Tahoe to Reno.  

 It didn't matter it was late at night past her bedtime. She would wake up.  And she would get it.   She knew what it felt like to be driving in the car helplessly, why your baby fought for his life in a helicopter without you.  She knows the feeling of walking into and ER and not waiting.  Having ever doctor and nurse at your baby’s bedside.  She knows the lingo;  O2 sat, CBC counts, IV lines, ventilators, brady, rescue meds,  respiratory and cardiac distress.   She knows what it feels like to sit by your babies bedside in the PICU with monitors dinging and beeping.  She knows what not to say.  She knows to say...that sucks. 

Why because that is part of their normal lives because they have a daughter with epilepsy.  It shouldn't be that way for any family but it is.

Needless to say when Jill, one of their twin daughters, started to have seizures our hearts poured out for our dear friends.  I can remember each text like it was yesterday "Jill is seizing called 911".  Then we would wait for the all clear, sometimes hours waiting for the discharge text.  But then there was the time we got "Jill is still seizing" I cried.  I wanted nothing more then to drop everything and run to their side and hold their hands, but knew that was not practical for them or my family so we prayed.  We pray hard. 

Nothing seems liked enough at these times.

We only have glimpses into what life must be like for our dear friends and I want nothing more than to heal Jill, to tell my friend all is good she won’t seize again but I can’t.   Jill is strong, she is very strong and she has attitude and she will move mountains because epilepsy will not define her or stop her.  That girl brings so much life and love it is amazing.

So that is why we are so excited because we finally feel like we can stand up and support or friends in a very tangible way.   On Nov 17th our family will all be walking with #teamjilly in the 5k to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angles.   Please consider donating to our team by clicking here.  This would mean the world to us.   As I have learned more and more about epilepsy form my friend I am amazed at how little knowledge I really had, like 1 in 10 people will have a seizure in their lifetime (there are 11 of us living in our house).    It truly is a worthy cause to donate to, plus Jill is super cute. 

If you want you can also get #teamjillygear here, which is super cute and all proceeds go to the fundraiser. Also Jeannette is trying to get someone from every state wearing #teamjilly purple on Nov 17, be part of the social media fun -sport your purple and support us walkers that day!  


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