Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kept Them in Stitches

Serafina did a super job at her Melodrama audition today. What a hoot! Tracy and Nana wrote a 1-minute parody of the Night Before Christmas for her, and she knocked it out of the park. Everyone was in the theater this year to see all the auditions, and the audience was in stitches for the entire 60 seconds. Her one minute of song was "Consider Yourself" from Oliver, and may we say she did a great job with that as well (thank you, Danielle!). Somehow it seems important we get the parody script entered here for posterity; so, here it is. It struck us, and apparently everyone there, that it was perfect for the Melodrama, which is all about fun, right?! Without further ado...

'Twas the Night Before Auditions

‘Twas the night before auditions and all through the house
I was singing and hoping I would not sound like a louse!
My clothes were laid out wrinkle free on the bed and I shouted
“Mom, where is that picture of my head?”

Belinda, Tiny Tim, any part I will take –
Just so I can have popcorn at every break!
How much fun it would be to see the old crew
This year, I wonder, what they’ll make you do?

My favorite part?
The Vaudeville review!
Reindeer rapt is what I would do...
“The reindeer rap …. We’re talkin’ …..”

Then Mom shouts, “Jump into bed”
I leap in a panic as there’s no poem in my head!
But tomorrow I’ll try with all of my might
To audition with flair …
Now, to all a good night!

Update: She didn't get a part at the Melodrama this year. But that turned out to be fairly providential as she ended up with six other productions of one kind or another from here through Christmas. See the Theatrics page for some of them.

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