Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day Weekend in Creede

This trip was an All Play. All the Compound dwellers headed to Creede, CO for the Labor Day Weekend. Rebecca joined us, too! Below are some representative photos. All 400 photos are here.

Zach whipped up a feast and a half at his campsite.

Creede Balloon Festival (we went two mornings for launch).

This model is in the Creede Chamber of Commerce office
where we got our Creede Salsa Festival tickets/ballots.

Just across the street from the Underground Mining Museum.

The fire department, active and historical, was in the hillside.

At Kip's Grill, the "Septembers End" was playing and
included a rousing rendition of "The Wheels on the Bus."

Rebecca got recruited by Tommyknocker Tavern to work their Salsa booth.

The  Creede Hotel is for sale. Hmmmmm.

Our morning #2 at the Creede Balloon Festival.

Ready for the Creede Gravity Derby.

What?! Fina's being drafted to participate
in the 11-17-year-old category. As a Pusher.
They're watching a video from the top of the course.

When carts got just too slow, folks would jump up off the curb
and lend assistance. Including Matt.

And AJ.

On your mark, get set...

That's Fina giving the far cart its start.

Zach pushed for his Mom.

Second place!

After burgers at Freemon's General Store (you gotta
experience it), we fished a nearby pond. And the group
of older gents we found there welcomed us in, kids and all.

We closed the weekend with songs around the campfire.

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